At PCC we are sensitive to the complexities of life’s situations. We provide a safe environment where you may express your feelings and express difficult issues at your own pace. Whether you are seeking guidance with particular issues, or approaching counseling as a primary means to self-awareness and personal growth, PCC offers you the flexibility to approach therapy in as brief or extended a period of time as you desire. Our approach to treatment is non-intrusive and all client contact is strictly confidential. We are proud of our success in helping our clients:

  • Achieve a positive outlook
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Develop high self esteem
  • Combat phobias
  • Manage stressful lifestyles
  • Find satisfaction in love, work and play
  • Reduce or eliminate dependence on medication
  • Overcome abusive or traumatic life experiences
  • Engage in satisfying relationships
  • Manage impulsive and destructive anger
  • Address issues of sexuality and sexual identity
  • Enjoy calmness and relaxation
  • Overcome eating disorders
  • Address mental disorders such as schizophrenia, OCD, PTSD, bi-polar, severe depression and others

Want to Learn More?

Are you ready to talk to someone from our office and learn more about how to set up an appointment and take that next step to achieve success in love, work and play?

Our Unique Approach

We believe that solving life’s problems is best approached by unhurried, in-depth discussion. Our common-sense and comfortable approach creates an environment where you can speak freely without being judged or criticized. Our therapists are trained and experienced in helping you resolve current dilemmas and strengthen your ability to handle future difficulties and decisions. We find that this approach also has the effect of enriching and deepening self-knowledge and understanding. Many people come to us because they are seeking an approach that allows them to talk as fully and completely as they wish. We neither encourage nor discourage medications and self help groups. We believe there are many therapeutic activities and experiences in life which our approach enhances and complements. We believe that people progress in life, relationships and work and become stronger when they have the opportunity to talk openly, on an ongoing basis.

Exceptional Psychotherapy

As part of our commitment to providing exceptional psychotherapy, all of our therapists are receiving additional training in our unique approach at Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis. To learn more about our school, click here.