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About Us
 Regarding Our Approach

We believe that solving life's problems is best approached by unhurried, in-depth discussion. Our common-sense and comfortable approach is like talking to a good friend, where you can speak freely without being judged or criticized. Our therapists are trained and experienced in helping you resolve current dilemmas and strengthen your ability to handle future difficulties and decisions. We find that this approach also has the effect of enriching and deepening self-knowledge and understanding.

We do not invite people in to become part of studies, tests, experimental programs or drug regimens. Many people come to us because they are seeking an approach that allows them to talk as fully and completely as they wish. We neither encourage nor discourage medications and self help groups. We believe there are many therapeutic activities and experiences in life which our approach enhances and complements. We believe that people progress in life, relationships and work and become stronger when they have the opportunity to talk openly, outside the confines of what is considered correct, appropriate or "therapeutic".

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